About SOCSERVE: Elevating IT Infrastructure and Information Security

At SOCSERVE, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge technical support and information security services tailored to the diverse needs of modern businesses. With a steadfast commitment to our clients’ growth, we offer comprehensive solutions aimed at fortifying IT infrastructure and safeguarding invaluable data assets.

Our Offerings

At the heart of our services lies our dedication to building and maintaining robust IT infrastructure while providing top-tier information security services. We cater to a spectrum of projects with services including:

  • IT Infrastructure Creation and Maintenance: Crafting fault-tolerant, cloud-based IT infrastructure, accompanied by meticulous documentation development in compliance with international standards.
  • Migration of IT Infrastructure: Seamlessly transferring client systems to the cloud, coupled with Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and ongoing support.
  • IT Security Assessments: Conducting due diligence for server and network security, delivering consultations, and troubleshooting assessments.
  • Penetration Testing: Rigorous testing, including source code security analysis under the “white box” model.
  • Compliance Requirements: Comprehensive support for compliance with PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, GDPR, encompassing analysis, internal documentation, and process improvement.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on offering an individualized approach to every client. Our tried-and-tested project model entails design, creation, launch, followed by steadfast support and ongoing development, ensuring seamless progress and satisfaction.

Our History

July 2015:
Conducting the first IT and information security audit projects

Embarked on the first IT and information security audit projects, offering consultation and support pivotal to our early clients.

December 2017:
Strengthening the command

Strengthened our core with a team of technical support engineers and forged technical support contracts with key customers.

March 2019:
Partnering with a number of vendors, training engineers

Secured partnerships with leading vendors such as Splunk and Checkmarx, investing in continuous engineer training.

January 2020:
Development of the company’s development strategy

Envisioned the evolution strategy, fortifying Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and achieving a 100% remote work setup for our team.

At SOCSERVE, our journey is characterized by unwavering dedication to client success, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence in IT infrastructure and information security services.

Our Partners

Forming strong and trusted connections with our clients

Our deep technical expertise comes from years of experience performing our services worldwide.

Comprehensive Information Security Services

Safeguarding Your Data and Assets

Technical Support and Proactive Security Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring and Support Available 24/7

Identification of Security Events
Some reasons

Why Choose Us


High Quality

We implement rigorous internal quality control measures across all projects, constantly striving to enhance our processes.


Cost effective

Our pricing is competitive, and we have established partnerships with various vendors. This allows us to offer effective discounts on our software solutions.


Continued Support

We are committed beyond project completion. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive post-project support, assisting with queries, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance.

Our Customers