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Pentesting: Enhancing Security Checks, Bolstering Assurance!

Penetration Testing - All coplexity and all models

Comprehensive Penetration Testing Across All Models and Complexities.

Compliance as a Service

ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC2, SWIFT CSP, PCI DSS Compliance

We not only address the protection needs of our clients; we also redefine security landscapes by integrating cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies. Our commitment goes beyond mere compliance.

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We implement rigorous internal quality control measures across all projects, constantly striving to enhance our processes.


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Our pricing is competitive, and we have established partnerships with various vendors. This allows us to offer effective discounts on our software solutions.


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We are committed beyond project completion. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive post-project support, assisting with queries, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance.


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International Payment Platform

SOCSERVE's SOC as a Service offers continuous security monitoring for all critical assets within our company, providing ongoing enhancement to our security posture. This service not only ensures constant surveillance but also delivers numerous benefits, such as timely threat detection, rapid incident response, and comprehensive risk mitigation, thereby bolstering our overall security framework.


IT Outsourcing company (1.5K+ employees)

Thanks to SOCSERVE's approach, we successfully onboarded some key customers with stringent compliance requirements within a short deadline. Leveraging their managed vCISO service for our information security function proved instrumental in meeting these demands efficiently and effectively.

Information Security Manager

Product Company (Gartner rating participant)

Our company engaged SOCSERVE for consulting on multiple compliance programs, including SOC2 and ISO 27001 integrated framework, HIPAA, and ISO 27018. They successfully completed all the required work with excellent quality, providing valuable assistance during the certification audits. Based on their exceptional performance, we plan to continue our collaboration with them.

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