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Technical support

Main directions

Support of workplaces and standard software

Installing operating systems and software Elimination of incidents in the operation of OS and software Configuring and resolving incidents in working with peripherals

Server support

Configuring and administering server OS, services and software. Setting up access rights. Monitoring of possible problems and their elimination. Data backup.

Hardware maintenance

Hardware diagnostics and minor repairs. Sending equipment to a service center.

Mobile device support

Installing and configuring programs for mobile devices.

Cloud support

We will implement proven and relevant cloud solutions into your IT infrastructure, as well as organize reliable support for your services.

IP telephony

We implement a communication network within the company's infrastructure, which will speed up and simplify your business processes.

Internet access

Installation and configuration of routing equipment for Internet access. Diagnostics and elimination of incidents. Configuring restrictions on access to Internet resources for individual users.

Setting up video surveillance

We will configure the system of CCTV cameras, video recorders, and also provide support for this system.

Procurement management

Selection and purchase of client and server equipment, peripherals. Purchase and licensing of software products.