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Information Security Incident Management Systems (SIEM / SOC)

Building SOC (Security Center) security processes includes:

  • Analysis of the current state;
  • Development and documentation of processes;
  • Development of regulations, instructions, DRP;
  • Implementation and configuration of systems that:
    • collect events from various sources
    • analyze events
    • provide alerts on identified problems
    • automating actions

Perimeter security

Solutions for securing the perimeter of the corporate IT infrastructure required to protect the information assets of the Customer's company from external threats:

  • firewalls, including new generation firewalls (FW, NGFW)
  • network attack prevention systems (IPS)
  • security gateways for web and email traffic (Web / Email Gateways)
  • systems for protection against targeted attacks
  • protection against DDoS-attacks

Data protection

Comprehensive data protection services. When choosing a solution, special attention is paid to customization and integration into the existing infrastructure of the Customer. The service package includes advanced solutions from the leaders in providing:

  • encryption
  • control and management of devices
  • comprehensive endpoint security
  • protection against leaks of confidential information (DLP)
  • monitoring and control of user actions

Source code security

Source code security Various solutions for analyzing application source codes and fixing vulnerabilities. Source code analyzers allow:

  • pinpoint the root causes of security vulnerabilities
  • prioritize found vulnerabilities by risk
  • provide detailed instructions on how to eliminate vulnerabilities
  • support various programming languages, IDEs and APIs
  • reduce the cost of eliminating vulnerabilities